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Vendor Relations Payment Options

Halcón Resources preferred method of payment for supplier invoices is ACH (direct deposit). All suppliers are encouraged to sign up for ACH payments. To sign up for ACH payments, please complete the ACH Authorization and return to HoustonAccountsPayable@halconresources.com.

How will I receive my remittance information? A listing of all invoices paid will be sent to the supplier using the e-mail address provided on the ACH Authorization form.

What if I don’t get my remittance detail? Please contact us directly using the phone or e-mail found in the Contact Information section. Your remittance detail will be sent again.

How can I change my banking information or e-mail address? Please complete another ACH Authorization Form and resubmit per the instructions.  

What if I prefer to be paid by check? No problem. Suppliers who do not sign up for ACH payments are by default paid by check.

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